Ready to walk on the wild side? Before you head off to commune with nature, we’ve got seven tips to ensure your next adventure is a safe one

Tip #7

Bring the Right Gear Layer up for warm days in the sun and cooler nights by the campfire. And don’t forget the essentials like plenty of water, food, and a first aid kit

Tip # 6

Set Up Camp Responsibly Survey the lay of the land and pick a spot on a level surface, away from standing water Watch out for rocks and dangling limbs that might get in the way of a good night’s sleep

Tip # 5

Watch Out for Wildlife Avoid approaching wild animals and refrain from giving them even a small snack Yes, even those pesky mosquitos

Tip # 4

Practice Fire Safety Pick an open spot away from trees and your tent Use the provided fire pit and build your blaze with kindling Keep water handy and don’t hit the hay until the embers have completely died out

Tip # 3

Store Food Safely Even outside of bear country, it’s smart to keep food and toiletries out of your tent Store them in your vehicle or in available campground food storage and avoid attracting unwelcome visitors to your campsite

Tip # 2

Get to Know Your Neighbors Go on over and say hello, whether on site or on the trail They won’t bite!

Tip # 1

Keep One Toe on the Grid Tell someone where you’re going and what your contingency plans are in case of emergency, and carry a GPS locator beacon Plan ahead and know before you go so you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors