We’re going to talk a little bit about different kinds of techniques that week use for fishing bass, but these are techniques that will also work on literally any fish, on walleyes, northern pike, panfish, and we’re going to start off with the wacky worm, and I. is going to explain what that wacky worm is. Absolutely any stay staple in a bass fresher man’s tackle box has to be a wacky worm this has a weight, different lengths of worm, obviously different colors.

The whole point of this, when you cast it out, slowly floats down and kind of has a strange little action in it there’s different kinds of worms that you can actually use with these rigs this ring that goes on there that gives it a little different action as you go down. So when we’re talking sinkholes, next in mind obviously has got to be this neco rig by weighting one end with a weight in here changes the action completely on these rigs.

So this weight will actually make this worm as it goes down sink this way so when you jig it, it comes back up , and it sinks again coming back down and the standard bait that we use for our worms is just a jig and a worm, and that’s what this is, a mushroom jig head with about a five inch plastic worm on it very common, very common color blues, browns that’s the standard.

Kind of the rage in the last couple years has been what we call the ned a ned is simply another mushroom jig, in this case, in a little tiny short worm it’s become very popular, very good for small mouth bass and very good for large mouth bass, and you can also take this jig off and just use a regular bass hook it doesn’t have to have a jig on it it can have a bass hook, and you can just use the weight of the hook and plastic in fishing, very effective techniques.