How about taking your dog out camping? There are things to be aware of here are five tips for camping with your dog.

  1. Training

Training so important if your dog isn’t trained to follow chant president commands like stop, come back, things like you that will have a hard time there are areas that could be dangerous and if you can’t control your dog that means they aren’t mature enough to be out there camping or hiking that means keep them home physical abilities.

2. Think about what they are do big dogs like this are perfect for hiking going out on long walks and going camping small dogs can’t don’t take a small dog out for a long hike or camping, that’s not suitable for them they are better in a backpack, a nice roll on the trail and that’s it.

3. Be aware of your dogs physical abilities aggression iffy dog is agressive that will be bad out there in the wilderness first thing in you are staying overnight there is usually a lake if that dog is parkingal night that carries over water and it’s louder than you can imagine.

4. Are you disturbing everybody if your dog can’t be quiet or is agressive don’t take them number four, trail etiquette you are out walking on the trail there are hikers and backpackers.

5. This is the important thing if you come across individuals like that and your dog is moving around don’t tell them he is friendly my dog is friendly nobody wants to hear that say to them he is under control.

That is what they want to hear a big dog can knock someone over and that can hurt them and be embarrassing annoy them make sure they are under control last thing, take care of your dog think about dog first aid.

When you are out there and you are walking around the number one thing that can get hurt are the paw pad, they are are sensitive they can get thorns and rocks and if you come to a particular point and your dog is scared that means the dog knows that may be unsafe for them the dog is smarter than you listen to them those are five things to think about.