We thought we’d give you a couple of tips about hiking, mainly for those who haven’t done much of it before. We love hiking and we were trying to think back to when we started and maybe some of the questions we had, so here you go, see if you find any of these useful.

When you’re hiking on wet slippery trails, you instinctively want to keep your feet dry so you naturally look for higher places to put your feet, like tops of rocks and roots. The dangerous part is that you can easily slip and hurt yourself when you’re hiking along that list, but actually, your boots mostly stay dry in those muddy hollows anyway, so you might as well just walk those right from the start and save all the slips and falls down the trail. When I’m in the outdoors I like to spend more time out there doing stuff, more fun, and less time looking for all the stuff in my backpack so I try and have regular places, I put all my things always in the same place That’s a really good tip for not getting frustrated. Particularly at night time in a hut: it’s dark and it’s really amazing how much stuff can be lost in one small backpack.

Couple of things I always do is make sure my headlamp always goes in the top pocket of my pack and my beanie because that’s the sort of thing you need all the time, in and out. It’s always good when it gets dark in a hut, you immediately know where your headlamp is. When I travel in a car, the other place my headlamp goes is in the glovebox of the car so it’s in either one of those places. The glovebox of the car is really useful, because when you’re heading into the hills, you often arrive at night time. Don’t forget to keep the stuff in your top pack pocket dry.

I’ve got a silicone dry bag here I put something absorbent, a bit of toilet paper or a cloth to take any water drops that may get in the bag and then just chuck your valuables in and the things that have to stay dry You can just fold it up, if it’s a bit of rain it shouldn’t be too much of a problem If you’re going through rivers, put the dry bag up properly If you don’t have a dry bag, a plastic bag will do

Make sure the fold faces down. Water goes down so if the fold is down you’re far less likely to get water incursion and stuff. One of the traps when you start multi day hiking is you tend to take too much stuff, especially clothes.

A good principle to follow is: you have a set of work clothes, and a set of hut clothes It might seem impolite to your friends to hike in the same clothes for 3 days but trust us, they’ll do exactly the same and it just never seems to matter. So you can see, these things we’ve talked about, they’re just common sense. Things that we’ve picked up over the years. Just have a good, safe time in the outdoors.

Make sure you don’t overestimate how far you can go. Make sure you don’t underestimate the food and that sort of thing you’re taking. You can have just as much fun if you don’t go quite as far and the view halfway up the hill is pretty good too. So focus on the fun on being in the outdoors, the journey you’re having and don’t be too mission focused It’s not all about the destination, it’s about enjoying the time on the way.