Another fishing tip on how to use slipbobbers.

We’re going to talk a little bit about slip bobber fishing, an effective way to fishing panfish and fishing walleyes. In order to have a slip bobber, you have to have a bobber stop, and there are a variety of different kinds. What i have here is just a little string, and i already have my jig on here, so i’m not going to be able to show you, but i would typically take this and put it on my string and slide it up and put it to about where i want to put it, and then you can see i’ve got two ends to pull i pull the two ends, and you end up with a knot like this on your line and that’s where your bobber is going to stop.

Then you need to string your bobber on this. Has it bobber on both ends and a top on it so it will not go beyond that i’m going to transfer over to this bobber right here and now that bobber will not go beyond that depth, and i can move this up and down if i want to i can pull that string tighter or loosen it up a little bit or pull it down a little tighter.

So that’s how the application is put together, and then you can fish whatever you want to on the bottom, and mandy is going to talk a little bit about how you use this. Absolutely that is a multi-species rig commonly used for panfishing, crappies, walleyes obviously with walleye fishing, you’re going to want to have this closer to the bottom feel free, i would say, anywhere from 6 inches, 12 inches, maybe even 18 inches off the bottom.

Pan fishes on the other hand, you can set further off the bottom they actually will look up when they’re foraging for food feel free to set that a little heighten in that water column and just adjust it to the depth that you’re fishing.