About noon today while they’re working on cleaning up this really springlike weather. We have been enjoying, is prompting a lot of people to get outside and exercise.

If you are going to hit the trail with your bicycle or pursue other outdoor activities, make sure you have the proper gear to keep you safe sac metro fire’s michelle eidam. What are some of the typical calls you get this time of year? Someone being hit by a car that is what a big thing are talking right now is on making yourself visible. if you are running or on a bike, where one of these? Orange is the new black.

It will make you stand out, especially the runner when it is foggy early in the morning this has the bright color and reflective striping tape these little silver strips are there for a reason, not just fashion exactly it will catch somebody’s eye.

It will make that person stand out that is high you can try to avoid that, make yourself visible what else? If you’re running or on a bike, having a flashing light on your bike from something that will make it does make a difference anything that can make you visible something that will make you stand out on the water to kayakers, boaters.

The other one, being more alert than you normally would have to be if this foggy or dark, you’re wearing your headphones because it makes you run or ride better, but you can’t hear cars were honking what about taking out one of them?