Let’s go over how to pitch any tent or tarp in the snow. Make sure to choose an area that is much larger than the footprint of your shelter.

Use your boots skis or snowshoes to compact the area underneath your shelter. Now wait 10 or 15 minutes for the completed area to freeze. Now we’re going to show you how to pitch your shelter using what’s called the Dead Man’s Anchor, this is a very useful skill, that you can use with any forage sticks. Lay out your shelter flat. You’ll begin by digging horizontal trenches, that will act as anchors that hold your sticks in place.

After you place the stick, you’ll put snow over the top and compact it, after a while this will freeze and become really solid. Now you’re ready to add whatever type of poles your tent requires. A useful trick when setting up any vertical poles, is to find a flat piece of bark or a stone to place under the pole, this creates stability and prevents sinkage. You can see our teepee tent is set up and ready to go, and it’s a really stable setup.