Today we are going to share our best 5 advices to camp with your son or daughter. It depends.

Then in 1st place. Arrive as early as possible at the campsite. If you arrive in the park late and so be in a hurry to set up the tent and make dinner will only make the experience difficult your child will want to mess with everything and you’re going to be running from one place to another trying to dispatch everything and at the same time. Take care of your child.

Our 2nd board. It is to try to have your child participate with all that are camping activities from setting up the tent, to making dinner to set the table, the chairs or fill the air mattresses. If they have them all they can do to make camping experience so do not just go somewhere we even got to to stage a small accident with the tent. This always results in a smile and after a long trip. This is the best you can do.That all activities become the most fun possible.

Our 3rd board and buy insect repellent. Our son apparently has an allergy to mosquito bites and as soon as we arrived he was bitten. I think that 5 mosquitoes and some of these bites have reacted and so we had to go to the pharmacy. While we were there the pharmacist recommended a bracelet for kids well, he loved it spent the time looking at the bracelet while pulling away the mosquitoes with the bracelet. Before going to sleep I was checking to see if I still had the bracelet while explaining that it was for the mosquitoes. Throughout the time we’ve been to camp he never had any more bites since you started using the bracelet so excellent.

We recommend our 4th council is to use a foam mattress instead of those air mattresses. Our son sleeps in a crib and he likes sleeping against to the cradle bars and when we were camping he would turn and turn until he fell of the air mattress. Then we had to put it on the mattress and he fell again. From there we started carrying a foam mattress. And he slept much better the mattress is not so high. But more importantly. The mattress will not turn as is the case with air. In these he would turn and turn and when it came to the end of the mattress he turned and there he woke up. So we think that a foam mattress it is much better for kids than air.

Our 5th council is to explore with family. Enjoy the outdoors let them be children and walk at ease touch and make it an unforgettable experience. Most children today are more accustomed to staying at home or in nursery school where they are most “closed”. Have less freedom. To walk and play and explore everything so enjoy the camping to have as many new experiences as possible.