Tips on Packing for Day Hikes


We are going to tell about how to pack for a day hike. Of course the first thing you want is a small back pack that’s comfortable.

For comfort and emergency are the two things that you are really looking for. So an extra warm layer that you may or may not need. You are going to want water, either in a water bottle or a hydration system. And it’s a good idea if it’s an extended trip to take a water filter system with you. First aid kit, no one wants to have to use it but you really need to have it for that one time.

It’s always a good idea to have some extra energy food with you. Also consider a flashlight, yes you are going in the daylight but that’s if everything goes right. It’s always a good idea to have a lighter and a pocket knife. And then additionally you know toilet articles such as toilet paper and a trowel and of course sunscreen and insect repellent depending on where you are going and what you’ll need for that trip. Also a map if you are going to be leaving trail or if it’s going to be a complex hike a map and a compass is a real good friend.

Now you are packed and you are ready for a safe hike.