We’re going to talk a little bit about the importance of following the law when transporting bait from fishing back to dry land. Dry land back to fishing from the bait shop to your boat, whatever it might be if you’re fishing with night crawlers or if you’ve got craw dads in water, that’s treated like minnows, but if you’re fishing with night crawlers, crickets, grasshoppers, anything that comes in soil, there are no special restrictions you can just put that in your truck, boat, when you get back from your fishing trip, put it right back in your truck, and you’re just fine if you have any water in your live well, you need to get rid of that before you leave the lake you need to drain that dry and dry it out.

That’s because of the things that can be spread through water and so it’s important to drain that well and get rid of it and mandy is going to talk a little bit about the critical part of transporting minnows from the bait shop to the boat, back to your truck.

Bait is expensive you want to take care of it obviously, if you can, you want to reuse it after you get off the water my suggestion to you, have a cooler ready with possibly an aerator with water from home you put them in the cooler with the water you brought from your home.

You transport that to the lake, you put those minnows into your live well, minnow net, wherever you’ve got those when you get done at the end of the day, make sure that you net all of those minnows out and leaving the water they were in in the boat from the lake actually behind you take those minnows, place them back into the water that you originally brought to you lake from your home, and you’re good to go.